Board of Directors

Ngày 06-01-2021

Full name: Mai Van Tan

Position: Director

Phone: 0913 817 899


Responsible duty:

- To lead in general, manage all activities and affairs of the Department according to the functions, tasks and powers assigned by the Provincial People's Committee; take full responsibility to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee for all aspects of the Department's activities according to regulations.

- Directly direct the formulation of general development strategy, planning and plan of the province's Transport and Transport sector; construction of traffic works; the work of calling for investors in the transport sector; organization staff; plan - finance of the industry; inspect and settle complaints and denunciations; foreign regulations; emulation, commendation and discipline; Anti-corruption; registry of waterway and road transport means; the scientific and technical work of the industry; innovation and development of industry enterprises; capital management for transportation; central trust funds; funding for Road Maintenance.

- Being the owner of all legal accounts of the unit and depending on the assigned field, the Director can authorize each Deputy Director to sign the relevant documents on behalf of the director.

- Cumulative titles: Deputy Head of Standing Committee of the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee; Chairman of the Department of Emulation and Reward Council.

- Directly direct the implementation of tasks by units: Department of Financial Planning; Transport Inspection; Section Managing waterway traffic; Water-road vehicle registration center; monitoring the implementation of the state management of transportation in Nga Bay city and Phung Hiep district.

Full name: Lê Thanh Việt

Position: Deputy Director

Phone: 0918 051 928


Responsible duty:

- Assisting the Director in managing and exploiting road and waterway traffic infrastructure; appraising and approving according to its competence steps of designing and estimating traffic works; managing the quality of construction traffic works, repairing from non-business capital sources, central trust funds, road maintenance capital and projects calling for investment; perform the state management of rural traffic construction; Legal - Safety; flood prevention, search and rescue of the industry.

- Directly direct the performance of tasks by units: Traffic Infrastructure Management Division; traffic works quality management office; Legal - Safety; monitoring the implementation of the state management of transportation in Long My town, Long My district, Chau Thanh district and Chau Thanh A.

- Sign all kinds of permits of the Department, including:

+ License to operate passenger terminals across the river.

+ License to operate inland waterway.

+ Circulation permit for overloaded vehicles, over-sized vehicles, tracked vehicles, super-long and super-heavy trucks on roads.

+ License for construction of traffic works (new construction).

+ License for construction and connection of road works (for roads in operation).