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Untitled Basic Web ContenThe model of planting soursop seeds (Mãng cầu Xiêm) brings high income in Hau Giang province

Ngày 00:00:00 08-06-2020 - Lượt xem: 4776

Urrently, The farmers in Phung Hiep, Long My district and Nga Bay town, Hau Giang province have selected soursop which has brought quite high economic efficiency.

Harvesting soursop in Hoa My commune. (Photo by Phung Dung)

In Hau Giang area has more than 700 hectares of soursop, of which Phung Hiep district has nearly 300 hectares of soursop seeds. Soursop has brought economic efficiency is quite high, reaching 300-400 million / ha because of implementing the project 1000. It can be said that soursop not only contributes to improve the economic life of local people, but also opens up more choices for conversion to less-efficient mixed garden in saline and alum areas of Hau Giang in particular and in the Mekong Delta in general.

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